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At the heart of the AQUA-FLO water conditioning systems is a highly concentrated, permanently charged energy inducer made of exotic ceramic ferrite material. When tap water passes through this energized chamber, the dissolved minerals in the water are affected in such a way that they resist scale formation in the negatively oriented environment of a plumbing system.


It just works

The AQUA-FLO conditioner works to reduce the “adhesive bond” between these dissolved solids and plumbing equipment, thereby reducing scale build up that costs you money.



We are here to stay, with over 30 years working in York Region. We at Aqua - Flo Canada are very excited to be able to introduce this remarkable water conditioner to our Canadian market. Made in Canada headquartered in Aurora.

Economical, chemical free, not harmful to the environment, energy efficient, & maintenance free.
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Several years of research and development were invested in the search for a water conditioner that would make hard water act as if were soft, prevent scale on wetted surfaces such as taps, shower heads, and hot water tanks, yet would be economical to purchase, chemical free, not harmful to the environment, energy efficient, and maintenance free.

All of these specific requirements were finally achieved in 1979 when a high energy ceramic ferrite material magnet was developed, tested and launched to the market in the United States. The name of this new and revolutionary product was marketed under the name of Aqua - Flo. The results achieved by allowing water to pass through a high energy magnetic field was remarkable. The removal of the healthy mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium by traditional salt softeners was unnecessary leaving the good minerals in the water, with no harmful salt being added.

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