Chlorine Filter


Chlorine has long been used to disinfect and control growth of unwelcome bacteria such as eColi and Giardia in our potable water.

Here is how we are exposed to harmful chlorine:

  • We consume chlorinated water for drinking and culinary purposes
  • Absorption through skin (bath, shower, steam)
  • Breathing in chlorine fumes when bathing and showering

Dr. Weil (a noted U.S. doctor) -- stated that "inhaling chlorine fumes ... is unhealthy".
"Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent and irritant, harmful to eyes and skin, the respiratory passages and lungs".
A patient exposed to chlorine for less than one year developed several health issues, seborrheic dermatitis, inflammation, scaling and flaking of the seborrheic dermatitis.

The installation of one of our many choices of activated Carbon Filters will remove all chlorine from the incoming water source. Leaving only pure, clean healthy water for bathing and culinary puposes.

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