Chlorine Filter


Chlorine has long been used to disinfect our drinking water because it controls the growth of such unwelcome bacteria as ecoli and giardia.

Here is how we are exposed to chlorine:

  • Drinking (tap water)
  • Eating (tap water)
  • Absorption through skin (bath, shower, steam)
  • Breathing in the chlorine fumes (bath, shower, steam)

“Like chlorine, however, chloramine is toxic. The EPA states that neither poses health concerns to humans at the levels used for drinking water disinfection, but even at those levels, both can harm fish and amphibians. Chlorine produces by-products that contribute to cancer and birth defects and, in itself, may contribute to heart disease, but at least it dissipates rapidly when water is boiled or left standing and exposed to air. Chloramine does not. So, if you have an aquarium and your water is disinfected with chloramines, you’ll have to treat it with a dechlorinator, available at pet shops, to prevent the water from killing your fish, and think about whether you want to drink water that can kill marine animals.”

“I‘ve long believed that inhaling chlorine fumes ... is unhealthy. Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent and irritant, harmful to eyes and skin, the respiratory passages and lungs.” – Dr. Weil

One of our own customers exposed to chlorine for less than one year developed several health issues including seborrheic dermatitis. Installing our whole home Chlorine Filter resolved all the issues, including the inflammation, scaling and flaking of the seborrheic dermatitis.

The Aqua-Flo Canada Chroline Filtration system removes chroline and chloramine from your home water source. The life span of the unit exceeds 20 years without requiring any charging or re-charging.


Whole house carbon system (1-2 Cu. Ft.)
Connection Size: 1" (25mm)
Flow Rate: Up to 15 gpm (56 lpm)

Aqua-Flo Canada Whole House filters for chlorine, taste, odor, and sediment removal.

Our Series AFC-PWBWGAC activated carbon filters with the Pro SE Control Valve are designed for residential and light commercial applications up to 15 gallons per minute. Aqua-Flo Canada activated carbon filters are highly popular because they correct a wide range of water quality issues by removing chlorine, taste, odors, organic chemicals, and sediment. Activated carbon has been used in the treatment of drinking water for over 2000 years. It was found that charred wood products aided in improving the quality of drinking water.

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