Frequently Asked Questions

Water Softener FAQ

How does magnetic water conditioning work?

Aqua-Flo Magnetic Water Conditioners work by transforming the ionic (electric) charges carried by the two hard water salt minerals, Calcium and Magnesium. As these salt minerals pass through the high energy magnetic flux field of the Aqua-Flo Conditioner it interferes with their ionic (electric) charge in such a way that they break down and lose their charge. They can no longer bond to wetted surfaces, so no further scale forms, or interferes with soap and detergents. The water now acts as if it were soft.

How long has magnetic water conditioning been available?

Magnetic water conditioning was first patented in 1890 by Victor Cassar, an Australian magnetic engineer. He developed his magnet conditioner using rare earth neodymium material for the treatment of hard water, used for commercial and agricultural purposes. It was from further research by that same engineer that our magnetic water treatment technology is now available.

Since 1979 Aqua-Flo Water Conditioners have been subjected to numerous experiments and peer review studies. All of which confirm that they do work.

Aqua-Flo Water Conditioners represent the most advanced and effective magnetic water technology currently available.
(Studies available upon request).

For maximum benefit they should be installed before the first tap outlet.

They should be installed AFTER ANY STORAGE TANK as the water will lose its treated effect if stored for a lengthy period of time.

Where a commercial application is required, they should be installed at least one metre from any three phase electric motor.

Our magnetic Water Conditioners have been tested to lose no more than 1 to 3% of their power over 100 years. They just don’t wear out.