Water Softener


In many parts of the country expensive salt additive systems are strictly regulated and in some cases banned from use altogether. Millions of pounds of salt are flushed into our dwindling fresh water supply each year. This is rapidly changing our plush fertile areas into arid wastelands.

With an AQUA-FLO Water Conditioner, you can enjoy the benefits of conditioned water without ingesting harmful sodium additives.

The AQUA-FLO Conditioner is a permanent water energizer which requires no chemicals and no maintenance.

Installed in the main cold water supply line, it will solve your hard water problems by altering the bonding structure of minerals. This causes them not to adhere to aqueous fluid transfer systems. Water feels wetter, cleans better and allows you to use less soaps and detergents without the slippery feeling associated with ion exchange water softeners.

The benefits of AQUA-FLO energized water can be seen throughout your entire home and business.

The AQUA-FLO Water Conditioner releases trapped gases in water.

Tap water becomes wetter and in many instances tastes far better when treated by the AQUA-FLO Conditioner. Coffee tastes better when brewed with energized water. AQUA-FLO energized water reduces spotting when washing glassware or dishes. Most people find that they use less shampoo, dishwashing soap, laundry detergent and laundry softeners: making clothes, diapers and towels look and feel better.

Now you can have a crystal clear, scum free pool with substantially less chemical usage.

You’ll really like the advantages of the AQUAFLO Conditioner in your bathroom. AQUA-FLO conditioned water makes unsightly hard water deposits on the tub or sink and around the bowl virtually a thing of the past.

While showering you won’t notice that slippery feel the ion exchange softener systems produce. Shampooing with AQUA-FLO conditioned water will leave your hair with the silky feel you deserve.

The AQUA-FLO permanent energizer dissolves stains and unsightly lime and scale build-up on showerheads and spigots common in hard water areas.

Dishwashers really benefit from water treated by the AQUA-FLO Conditioner. Elimination of lime and scale build-up prevents sprayer arm clogging. Delicate seals and valves last longer. Glasses and dishware sparkle.

AQUA-FLO conditioned water will remove existing calcification in pipes and hot water heaters and prevent new scale layers from forming. As a result, fuel is burned more efficiently, water heats faster and less energy is consumed. You SAVE MONEY not only on energy but on expensive repairs and replacements.

AQUA-FLO has a quick pay back period and continues to pay for itself time and time again. The value of the AQUA-FLO Conditioner to applications such as hotels, motels, condominiums, mobile homes, apartment complexes, greenhouse, cooling towers, dental offices and processing plants is truly impressive. Corrosive mineral deposits caused by hard water takes a heavy annual toll in loss of equipment, efficiency and costly shutdowns. National Bureau of Standards report that the insulation characteristics of scale formation requires more fuel to heat a boiler system than those systems which are scale free. In fact, only 3/8 " of scale build-up consumes 55% more fuel.

For specific applications, commercial and industrial units of various sizes and types are available.

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